Thursday, January 26, 2012

Surgery Date Set

So it has been a long time but I have my date for the Lefort 1, Feb 22. It has been a long journey to get to this point. I started this journey in the USA and am finishing in Canada. I actually had a chance to have the surgery today Jan 26 now I wish I had taken it but I did not. So I am waiting and counting down the days.

Thanks for your patients for me to tell my story.


  1. Paulette - I noticed you got your date (sorry for the late comment!) If you want, email me and I'll send you my recipes (over 80 pages so far of original recipes WITH nutrition info since that was important for my own recovery).
    They're not up on my new site yet but the site will be www. jawrecoveryplaybook. com (I put spaces so it's not instantly flagged as spam haha)
    If my blog doesn't let you email me you can go to that site, the contact page is up.

  2. Only hours away! :-) Good luck with surgery tomorrow!