Monday, November 9, 2009

Nothing really

Its been a while since I posted. Nothing has really been going on. My surgeon was very please with the almost 10mm space in the front of my mouth. I can't wait until January when my orthodontist starts to close my gap. I hope my teeth move quickly. I know that this takes time but I really miss being able to speak to clients, co-workers, vendors, friends and family members without repeating myself 2 or 3 times. I have meetings all week and I feel really self conscience in most meetings. I am a project manager/engineer and can't sit quietly through most of my meetings. I am getting better each day at communicating.

For those who had SARPE how long did it take your teeth to move in and close your gap? How big was your gap?



  1. So sorry to hear this. I never had the SARPE but at after my surgery, I had a "nice" gap between my front teeth. The orthodontist was able to close it in a couple of weeks, after the splint came out. I hope it closes fast for you. Hang in there!!! : )

  2. its a pain, i know... im counting down the days till its removed, shitty thing is i dont know when that is just yet.

    my gap is almost closed 6 weeks after, however my ortho has pushed the treatment forward to help close it before my sisters wedding.

    the great thing is i can see results already and love it (until i talk haha).

    check out the pics on my blog