Wednesday, September 30, 2009

17 days Post Op, 18 activations and 1st OMS and Ortho visit Post Op

So I had my first follow up with my surgeon on Sept 22. According to him everything went well and looks good. Now it was time for me to activate my expander. The desired gap is about 7mm. To achieve this spacing I need to turn/activate the expander twice a day. I like to do one in the morning and the other in the evening. I really am not experiencing any pain, no bruising and very little swelling. I have been lucky enough to loss 8lbs and I am down a dress size! :)

I had my first Ortho visit today which I was not looking forward too. They did not change my wire, I was happy not to have to top ones changed but I thought the bottom wire should have been changed; but what do I know?? The Orthodontist and my surgeon don't really speak that often. At my last Ortho appointment they asked me if the OMS told me how many activations of the expander I would do per day. Sad to say I didn't know until my visit on Sept 22. This time the Orthodontist asked when I would stop the expansion of my pallet. I let him know that the OMS said I should continue 2 turns per day until my visit on Oct 22. I don't think he liked this reply because immediately after I said Oct 22 he said I needed to come back in 2 weeks.

I have a question - how many turns or activations of the expander is required to achieve 7 to 8 mm?

So my tongue is finding its way into my new found gap. I have a tongue thrust and am on the edge of starting therapy / treatment for it. At this point i think the only reason I have not started is because the sessions are costly $150/hour. I would be looking at 2 hours per session, 2 sessions per week for an unknown duration. I looked into the number of sessions I would need and the answer that I was give was "it depends on how sever my case was and how well I responded to therapy. But I should expect 3 months minimum."

That is all for this week. I will leave you with a photos of my gap.

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